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Dr. Kass developed an expertise in sports psychiatry through years of both high-level athletic participation and clinical psychiatric experience. Dr. Kass grew up playing interscholastic and club basketball in the greater Los Angeles area against some of the country’s best athletes, including Russell Westbrook (Los Angeles Lakers, 2016-2017 NBA MVP, NBA 75th Anniversary Team Member), Trevor Ariza (Los Angeles Lakers, Former NBA Champion), Brandon Jennings (2009-2010 NBA First Team All-Rookie), Aaron Afflalo (12-year NBA veteran), and Amir Johnson (14-year NBA veteran).

Dr. Kass was recruited by several college basketball programs out of high school and chose to play at Pomona College (NCAA Division III). It was his experience at Pomona College trying to balance the demands of collegiate athletics and rigorous pre-medical studies where he first experienced and learned about the unique mental health issues facing high level athletes. Dr. Kass remained heavily involved in high level sports after his college basketball career ended by coaching at several Southern California high schools, including founding and coaching the varsity basketball team at Dr. Olga Mohan High School in Los Angeles. Dr. Kass currently works with athletes and teams from a wide range of sports across Southern California.

How Can Dr. Kass Help You?

One reason Dr. Kass chose to practice psychiatry was to help high level athletes improve their mental health and optimize their athletic performance. Dr. Kass provides each client with individualized, sport specific care that takes into account both their specific mental health and performance goals. Dr. Kass has helped countless athletes:
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Dr. Kass works with athletes to create treatment plans that meet their mental health and athletic goals. Dr. Kass uses his psychiatric expertise to ensure that all treatment plans address a client’s emotional and psychological needs, while also optimizing their athletic performance. Dr. Kass uses several evidence-based psychological techniques to help athletes achieve their athletic goals:

Sports Psychiatry Services

Athletic Mental Performance Coaching

This recurring, usually weekly appointment uses different talk therapy modalities, including mindfulness, visualization, goal setting, breath work, cognitive behavioral therapy, and psychodynamic therapy, to help athletes gain a competitive advantage by improving the mental approach to their sport. Dr. Kass customizes each client’s performance coaching to match their individual sport, competition level, and short-term/long-term performance goals. If requested, Dr. Kass can also provide a written report or speak directly to a client’s coach or trainer to discuss his findings so that they can incorporate his recommendations into training regimens.


Combined Basketball Skill and Mental Performance Training

Dr. Kass is currently the only sports psychiatrist offering this service in San Diego. This recurring, weekly appointment combines both on-court skill training and athletic mental performance coaching. Dr. Kass uses his expertise as a former college basketball player, high school coach, and mental health physician to personalize his individual training plans to each athlete’s specific skill and mental performance goals. Dr. Kass travels for these sessions and will try to meet clients on courts that are most convenient for them.



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