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Board Certified Psychiatrist

As a board certified psychiatrist, Dr. Kass received extensive professional training from top institutions in evaluating, diagnosing, and treating a wide array of psychiatric and psychological conditions.

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Sports Psychiatry Specialist

Through his collegiate basketball career, diverse coaching experiences, and professional involvement with the International Society of Sports Psychiatry, Dr. Kass developed a specialized interest and expertise in evaluating and treating high school, collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes.

Services and Rates

Phone Consultation
(15 minutes)

During this call, Dr. Kass will learn more about your mental health history and goals for treatment. He will also share information about the practice and recommend next steps in treatment. If Dr. Kass does not think his practice is the best fit for your goals, he will provide alternative referrals.


Initial Evaluation

You and Dr. Kass will discuss your current symptoms, your mental health history and medical history. During adolescent evaluations, Dr. Kass will take time to speak with both the patient and their parent(s)/guardian(s). You and Dr. Kass will come up with a treatment plan that you’re confident will help you reach your mental health goals.


Consultation Evaluation

These sessions are one-time, consultation evaluations for patients who are seeking 2nd opinions. You and Dr. Kass will discuss your current symptoms, mental health history, and medical history. Dr. Kass will provide a report to you, your primary care doctor, therapist, and/or primary psychiatrist.


Follow Up Services

Talk Therapy +/- Medications

Dr.Kass uses different talk therapy modalities, including mindfulness, psychodynamic psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and others, to address symptoms of emotional distress. If medications are indicated, you and Dr. Kass will discuss the potential benefits of medications at these visits.


Medication Management Only

These appointments are designed for individuals who are receiving talk therapy elsewhere and are seeing Dr. Kass primarily for medication management. While Dr. Kass provides therapeutic techniques derived from CBT, psychodynamic therapy, and mindfulness into all of his appointments, these appointments are usually less frequent than Dr. Kass’s weekly therapy appointments. If you have an outside therapist, Dr. Kass will communicate with them regularly to ensure your therapist is fully aware of your treatment plan with Dr. Kass.


Psychiatric Process

Take the following steps to reach your mental health and performance goals.


Request an appointment

Contact Dr. Kass for your free, 15-minute phone consultation


Free consultation

Tell Dr. Kass about your mental health history and what you are hoping to achieve with treatment.


Initial Evaluation

Sit down with Dr. Kass in person or on Zoom for a 90-minute diagnostic and treatment evaluation.


Treatment Planning

Work with Dr. Kass to create a treatment plan that you’re confident will help you reach your mental health and performance goals.

Free Consultations

Dr. Kass provides all his clients a free, preliminary screening phone call to help them figure out how to reach their mental health goals.


Initial evaluation, diagnostic assessment, and psychoeducation

Talk Therapy

Weekly talk therapy (including psychodynamic, mindfulness, and cognitive behavioral therapies)


Medication management, second opinions and medical consultations


Dr. Kass offers a HIPAA compliant, encrypted video service

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